2020 Community Friendship Project

Supporting Young People, who have sensory needs, with overall emotional wellbeing, self confidence,  making friends and feeling included in the world around them.

Sensing Friends is a non for profit community organisation in Sussex that supports young people emotionally who are dealing with sensory needs. This might be a visual, hearing or a psychological need. We use nature and creativity as a powerful facilitator to help address these needs.

Celebrating Diversity

Part of our work involves bringing  young people together with all sensory experiences,  to come and share  and learn from each other. We offer these young people a chance to come and understand each other and the rich diversity of life we can offer with our differences. When this is felt then it is often possible to truly  see our differences as Ok. From this feeling and acknowledgment it’s possible for each of us to celebrate our differences rather than fear them.

2020 Community Friendship Project

Sensing Friends is delighted to announce its three year Community Friendship Project, funded by the Big Lottery. Find out more about what we will be offering young people within the Community Friendship Project.

Creative Arts

Circle Of Friendship 




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