Supporting young visually impaired individuals and their peers form deeper friendships within the community

We are all born but we are not all born the same.

There is something to celebrate in this fact as we can come together and enjoy sharing, sharing in our similarities and our differences.

The Circle Of Friendship Program

Facilitating positive, equal, friendships between visually impaired youngsters and their sighted peers.

  • A monthly seasonal year long program
  • Set in beautiful countryside
  • With music, storytelling, cooking and creativity

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What we do

With the help of nature and creativity we help young people dealing with difficult feelings around issues that effect how they feel about themselves, being accepted by others and feeling excluded from the world around them.

Why this is important

Belonging is a need we all have. Feeling outcast, excluded or unable to join in, for whatever reason, can bring up many deep emotional issues for young people.

How we help

With the help of emotive, relaxing and stimulating, music, nature, creative art, peer group and one to one  support, we can help young people tap into those difficult, sometimes very buried feelings that they may have about themselves and/or others, work with them, and find a way to overcome them.

About Sensing Friends

We are a group of trained and experienced counsellors, eco therapists, creative practitioners and musicians who provide emotional support for young people, tackling issues related to bullying and social exclusion. With the help of creativity and nature, we support young people to form a true deeper understanding of themselves and positive meaningful connection with their peers.