Safe Space To Express Feelings

For many young people the chance to talk about what is on there mind, in a safe, confidential space, with a trusted adult, offers vital emotional support.

Many young people dealing with issues around sensory needs – whether related to a physical sensory need, such as visual or hearing impairment, or psychological issue such as anxiety related to trauma and attachment issues, finding a way to express themselves and the experiences they have – can be so important for basic happiness and overall emotional wellbeing.

Our Counselling Support within Nature

The short term counselling we offer is specifically aimed at helping these young people deal with low self esteem, related to how they perceive themselves within the world, their community and social life. The counselling offered at Sensing Friends is offered within a beautiful natural setting, in the woods, as well as indoors if preferred.

The counselling is based around the idea of nature therapy, and brings the powerful elements of being within nature to empower the young people, giving them a chance to positively revaluate themselves within the world around themselves and their community. Through our counselling service we offer young people the chance to explore a new sense of  self worth within nature, through the use of narrative work which combines tools and strategies that utilise exciting  imagery, storytelling, and creative arts.

If a young person then needs to gain further longer term counselling support we can also help in signpost onto other suitable longer term counselling within the community.

Our Counsellors

Our counsellors are BACP registered and  specifically trained to support young people. We also have a wealth of experience working with young people who are experiencing emotional issues related to social exclusion, isolation and low self esteem.




Please contact Penny on 07584 201 837

or make a self referral for the In-Nature Young Refugee Emotional Support Group or Online Peer Support Groups


Sensing Friends Young Refugee Emotional Support Group Information


Please note, due to our current long waiting list, from Sept 2023 until further notice,  we will only be taking in new counselling referrals for our Young Refugee Emotional Support Group and our Peer Support Groups.
We plan to open reopen our counselling waiting list and take in further referrals from this referral link below, at the beginning of January 2024, subject to continued funding.
We will be updating this webpage in December after reviewing our current waiting list. Please do check back here  or email Penny at if you want to find any any more related to this and to find out when we will resume taking in new 1-2-1 counselling referrals. 

Counselling Policy/ Agreement