Online Counselling for Young People


Who we can help

We can accept referrals from young people who experience any of the following:

  • Experienced trauma which is impacting their mental health
  • Have emotional needs that impact how they interact with the world around them and others
  • Have any kind of physical sensory need such as visual/ hearing impairment
  • Have any kind of neurological condition such as being on the Autistic Spectrum.

You can make a self referral for counselling by clinking the self referral link just above.
1) This link will take you to a form where you can enter some basic information and this will add your details to our confidential database referral list.
2) We will be in contact with you to confirm we have received this and to update you on what happens next.

3) Please note that on a few occasions recently the form has sent back an error message and not allowed users to submit the form. This is currently being addressed by our technicians.  If you have any problems using the form please contact Penny on the email below with your referral details, including name, d.o.b and preferred contact details and I will contact you to take the referral from you manually. 

If you have any further queries please email Penny at


We have a range of online and face to face group sessions available to young people between the age of 8-25. We also offer 1-1 counselling sessions.

Please check our services page, to find out what groups we offer at Sensing Friends. 

(Please note: Due to high demand, we currently have a waiting list for 1:1 counselling of around 10 – 12 months) 



To find out more Please contact our admin lead at or our therapy lead at