Equality Policy

Sensing Friends Equality Policy

1.1 Sensing Friends believes in equality for everyone and upholds equality for everyone in all its interactions with other people. There will be no case where not treating individuals equally and or discrimination against an individual or individuals will be accepted or tolerated within the organisation.
1.2 Sensing Friends recognised that discrimination exists in our society in many forms. Examples of discrimination, but not inclusive of all types, are prejudices around race, gender, disability, mental health, sexual orientation, belief and or religion. Sensing Friends challenges discrimination in any form.
Sensing Friends recognised that discriminating behaviour takes form in many ways. Discrimination can be direct and or indirect, conscious and or unconscious.
Examples of discriminating behaviour, but not inclusive of all types of behaviour, are stigmatising, bullying, discounting, name calling, *ostracising, excluding, using derogatory terms to refer to someone.
1.3 Trustees, committee members, staff and Volunteers at Sensing Friends have a responsibility to address any discrimination that is witnessed or suspected in relation to individuals involved with Sensing Friends. If such a situation arises then the Trustee, committee member, staff or volunteer will discuss it with the organisation and after considering the specific situation appropriate action will be taken to address it.
1.4 In the case where Trustees, committee members and / or Sensing Friends staff, volunteers feel that the discrimination has happened through a lack of awareness, knowledge or understanding in relation to the discrimination by individuals carrying it out, Sensing Friends staff, volunteers and management will seek to address this by assisting in informing/ educating those concerned about the implications and issues around such discrimination to others can have on them.


This Policy was reviewed on
Date 16/09/2022
Signed by Chairperson Penny Wright

This Policy will be reviewed again on
Date 16/09/2023