Sensing Friends Coronavirus Update

Fancy a Cuppa in The Garden? No!!! But Let’s Meet Online Instead

Well it’s true, sadly, that Sensing Friends cannot meet right now. We cannot do hot chocolate check inns, walks together in the woods, magical group storytelling in the garden or face to face peer support. Unfortunately for now, we are sorry, we will have to park this group meeting face to face, while the risks of the Coronavirus are still around.

But wait don’t go!! Come back!!

Let’s just try online instead for now.

However we can arrange to meet safely online and we are currently putting a plan together to do just that.

Over the next couple of weeks Sensing Friends will be making contact with those we know, who have been meeting with us already, as well as those newcomers.

We hope to arrange a time to connect, maybe via email. If you are happy to we would like to arrange a direct chat with you all individually, via phone or video call.

Importantly we want to find out how you are doing at present, let you know we are here and we would love to find out what we can do to help in terms of helping you emotionally in these socially distancing times. We would like too, to find out how we can help you now in terms of keeping you all connected.

This might be things like

  • Online Group storytelling sessions
  • Online Group Peer Support
  • Online Group Creative Sessions
  • Online Circle Of Friendship ( yes we can even have a go at that)
  • Online Drop-in ( where family and friends can join us online for tea and cake too)
  • Online counselling/ one to one support
  • Or any other ideas you may come up with.

Importantly we are keeping in contact, listening to what you young Sensing Friends need from us now, and this also includes your family and friends too. We aim to be here for you emotionally, help you make and keep those important special connections with those you want too, helping you to feel ok about yourself and the world around you and helping to keep some important friendships alive, even in these current difficult times.

If you want to arrange a time to talk or have any ideas please feel free to email us at or phone 07584 201 837 and we will also promise to keep you posted about any of our online plans to support you all, as they develop.