Sensing Friends: 30th April 2017 from 11am to 3pm

We have recently received funding to run a one day event bringing both sighted and non sighted youngsters together to share and develop empathy for each other within an eco therapeutic environment, where the woods and nature provide a stimulating natural but also safe environment to experience, share and develop deeper empathy for each other, challenge prejudices and explore the benefits of embracing diversity.

By doing this we aim to develop positive social connections between sighted, blind and VI youngsters. With the help of music, storytelling, creative arts and therapeutic peer group support provided by trained counsellors and therapeutic creative artists, who have experience and expertise in working with young people, including blind and VI youngsters.

We will provide these young people, a cohort of sighted, blind and visually impaired, youngsters, some of the essential personal, social and emotional tools to help them build a clear sense of themselves, and their sighted or non sighted peers, in relation to one another.


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