Counselling Policy

Counselling at Sensing Friends:

Sensing Friends counselling aims to provide a safe space for young people to explore issues such as isolation, stress, family difficulties and bullying in a solution focused way.

Your counsellor will help you explore your thoughts and feelings and help you to develop a tool kit of things which help you move forward and overcome any difficulties you are having. You will normally be able to have up to 12 sessions with your counsellor and each session will last 50 minutes. Under certain circumstances additional sessions may be offered to you if it seems appropriate.

Sometimes things can feel worse when you start counselling as the process can cause difficult feelings and emotions to come to the surface. If possible, it is best to discuss these difficulties rather than abruptly end counselling, sometimes this can help you to continue or if this doesn’t feel right it gives a chance to have a planned ending. You will never be under any pressure to continue at any point.

Please fill out our Confidentiality and Consent form and hand this to a counsellor or email to