Sensing Friends Reserves Policy

Sensing Friends Reserves policy

In order for Sensing Friends to be able to be financially viable, and to be able to maintain vital services to its beneficiaries in the long term, it needs to have a reserve of funds to cover any short fall of funds. The reserve funds are primarily for the following purposes

1. Reserve funds can be used to continue the essential support already started, that the beneficiaries need for Sensing Friends to continue, and can benefit from in the following year.

2. This reserve funding will only be used while in the interim of applying for funding to funders for the service the beneficiaries need.

3. If and when we are successful in gaining the funding for a particular service then any reserve funding that has been used in the interim will be refunded to the reserves fund.

4. Reserve funds can be used to cover the cost of any additional vital expenses, that if not utilised would otherwise put the work and support sensing friends provides to its beneficiaries in jeopardy.