Out and About Days

Our ‘Out and About Days’ are a monthly outing with the young people at sensing friends, to a place or activity of the young peoples choice.

We encourage ideas that the young people would like to do as a group. These days out provide the young people a space to enjoy themselves and socialise with their friends and peers, have fun and spread laughter, and do something they may not normally get the chance to do.

We always remain conscious of the sensory needs of our young people, and ensure that the activities we plan are suitable for their needs and requirements.

To date, we have been bowling, had picnics in the park, café and pizza lunches, strolls along the beach, cinema days and many more.

If you would like to find out more about our Out and About Days and how you or a young person you know, can get involved, please reach out and contact us on 07584 201 837 or email admin@sensingfriends.org